Southfields Park


Southfields Park is an established and  popular park in Loughborough, Leicestershire. The park is significant in terms of the variety and quality of the facilities it offers and it is situated close to the centre of the town, however it had lacked a suitable entrance. Access to the park had been via the rear or to the sides of buildings backing onto the park, which included the council offices. Only the east boundary of the park fronted onto a street and here the access consisted of a narrow gap in the wall accompanied by battered vehicle barriers, and selection of dilapidated gate posts. An awkward junction of paths made of worn tarmac created a poor first impression of the park.
Charnwood Borough Council appointed Red Kite Network Limited to design a new inviting entrance space which would welcome people to the park and also give it a presence within the street scene. The final design includes a custom made welcome arch and coordinating railings also designed by Red Kite, to reflect other architectural motifs in the vicinity. A generous entrance space utilising good quality materials provides a gathering space with seating and lighting surrounded by attractive planting.
As well as acting as designers for this scheme; interpreting the client brief and working with them to arrive at a suitable solution;  Red Kite produced all the production information required for the tendering of the build contract; detail drawings, bills of quantities and specifications. Red Kite then went on to act as contract administrator, dealing with the principal contractor on behalf of their client. The build contract is currently nearing completion and it is already evident that this scheme shall have resulted in a significant and welcoming entrance space fitting for such a busy and popular park.
  • Concept and detailed design
  • Procurement
  • Contract administration