Grange Court, Leominster

In December 2018, Red Kite were commissioned by Leominster Town Council to prepare a masterplan for the Grange in Leominster. The Grange is a beautiful public green space in the heart of Leominster, rich in heritage and wildlife. We’ve just completed the first major phase of our work for the project, which has consisted of: a desk review; site analysis; preliminary ecological appraisal; and phase 1 consultation with the local community and stakeholders. We had 174 responses to our public survey, held six meetings with ten local stakeholder groups represented, and facilitated a workshop with 43 members of the local Cubs group. The consultation helped us understand how local residents and groups use the Grange at the moment, and their priorities for its future development. Its given us much food for thought and we’ll be using the results to prepare sketch options for the site in the coming weeks.

For more information about the project, visit Leominster Town Council’s project webpage.