Cannock Open Space Assessment and Strategy


In 2019, Red Kite were commissioned to prepare an Open Space Assessment and Strategy for Cannock Chase District Council as part of a full Local Plan review. The aim of the commission was to review and update the Council’s existing evidence base relating to open space needs and provision and to guide the development of strategy to deliver on the Council’s aspirations and opportunities for a high quality network of open spaces across Cannock Chase District. The brief comprised two main stages of work. First, an Open Space Assessment, which will audit the District’s public open space in terms of quantity, quality and accessibility. The typology and assessment criteria was developed in collaboration with the Client and local stakeholders, with reference to best practice and national planning policy and guidance. Open space mapping was carried out by GIS consultants, Lovell-Johns Ltd. The second stage is the Open Space Strategy, which will be informed by the results of the Assessment and will provide a clear vision, action plan, and monitoring evaluation framework for the future management and maintenance of public open space within the District.

  • Desk review if existing policies, data and information.
  • Quantity audit of over 400 sites across the District
  • Quality audit of sites
  • Accessibility assessment, in consultation with the local community
  • Formulation of open space standards
  • Open Space Strategy